Graduated from Womenswear at Central Saint Martins, artist and fashion designer Rui Deng weaves her fairytale fantasy into these glorious hand-weaved textile pieces. Staging a wedding party in a charming forest joined by a mermaid, a knight, a botanist, a zoologist, a florist and a tailor, Deng’s graduate collection shows her remarkable talent in handling various materials and creating cinematic narratives. These five characters are all dressing in hand-drawn, hand-weaved textile coated in plastic which gives the bodies trellis-like appearances. Exhibited alongside the final piece and the short film, her draft and portfolio present her research bases and interests: the middle age knight tales, both the enchanting elements and the romantic story.


After learning fine art for years, Deng is currently running her own brand, RUI, which is a conceptual brand in art and fashion, dedicating to merging fine art creation and fashion design.